Cragheart is the central region of Talimer, and the homeland of the dwarves. It is an extremely mountainous region, with only a few valleys offering slightly warmer weather and slightly safer passage. Three primary passages — one from Silversummer, one from New Brighthold, and one from Dragon Desert — meet in the center at Cragheart’s greatest valley. The rest of the valleys are small, scattered, and secluded.


Cragheart is, and always has been, the kingdom of dwarves in Talimer. The dwarves have a history almost entirely free of external antagonism due to their homeland’s expansive and unwelcoming nature; few forces have even attempted to make significant military moves against the nation, and none have succeeded. The closest the nation has ever come to being assaulted effectively was during The War. The dwarves have always had a close connection with the earth, and the destruction of the land in the creation of the Breach was unprecedented in both its magnitude and its unnatural cause. Thus, Cragheart suffered incredible loss to morale in the first days of the war.

It is speculated that this psychological strike on the dwarves was calculated by the abyssal forces, as they wasted little time in launching their primary forces through Silversummer (then Westguard) and up Cragheart’s western slopes. If they did account for that, however, they did not account for the dwarves’ rebound. The despair of the dwarves quickly changed to rage, and not two days of “invasion” had passed before the dwarves had stopped the abyssals’ advancement. Reinforcements from Dragon Desert and Eastguard came quickly, and the fight was pushed back down into Westguard.

The couple days of battle in western Cragheart offered enough time for a few small regiments of abyssals to escape into the mountains, where guerrilla warfare was mounted against scattered dwarven villages. Some abyssal groups still remain, raiding small caravans and, on rare occasion, remote settlements.


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