Dragon Desert

Dragon Desert is located in northern Talimer. Its harsh landscape offers habitat for only a sparse population, comprised mostly of tribal orcs and entrepreneurial goblins.


Before the War, Dragon Desert was mostly covered by water, which included the largest reef in Talimer’s waters. Small settlements of halflings were numerous along the coast near Cragheart’s northern slopes, where the inhabitants maintained a good economy of fishing and shipping. When the Breach was created, the enormous chasms created drastically lowered sea levels as water fell into the earth and through the portals. For most coastal regions, this created very tall cliffs or simply larger beaches, but the shallow waters north of Cragheart were decimated, completely drained. The dwarves call it Drak’haan, which means “Lost Sea”; the misunderstanding of this term was how the name Dragon Desert came about, not from any actual presence of dragons.

The skeletal remains of large sea creatures, many being serpentine in appearance, do not help this misconception.


After the sea was drained, the once-coastal villages of the region were devastated, having completely lost their primary source of livelihood. A few of the villages remained, pursuing new trades, struggling to survive. Most populations simply gave up, migrating to the towns of northern Cragheart, leaving dozens of ghost towns along the rim of the new desert. Cragheart is still struggling to “deal with” the Dragon Desert refugees; many towns in northern Cragheart are now overcrowded, impoverished, and crime-ridden.

Dragon Desert

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