New Brighthold


New Brighthold is situated in the southern part of Talimer. It is bordered by Cragheart to the north; Highguard to the east; Quelas to the southwest; and the ocean to the south. It is a valley region, and some of the most fertile farmland in Talimer. To the east is the Climbing Forest, a sloped wooded area of ancient oaks, with the pass from New Brighthold to Highguard running through its center. The capital city, Solis, is on the southern coast. West of Solis is Lake Aspiration.


The smallest and newest region of Talimer, New Brighthold used be part of Highguard (then known as Eastguard). Until the War, it was the greatest trading hub of Southern Talimer, being the only region in Southern Talimer where human, elven, and dwarven kingdoms meet (besides Felmoor). The hub of the region was the Brightbluff, on the southern coast. Near the end of the War, Sunquest bought the land, in order to move their company towards vertical integration (that is, to control more steps in their supply chain). Due to the dire state of The War, the land was bought at an incredibly low price; indeed, a number of citizens of Highguard are resentful towards Sunquest to this day on account of the sale. The capital city’s name was changed to Solis.

New Brighthold is the only region in Talimer controlled by a commercial entity, and the capitalistic influence shows. For example, the region was originally named simply “Brighthold”, but after only two years of existence, it was changed to “New Brighthold”. Sunquest claimed the name change to be due to “such extensive development of the region that it had become a completely different land,” advertising for immigration to their land and capital city. However, the only changes actually made were in the city, and those changes were almost entirely limited to defensive and industrial improvements; there was very little improvement to urban living conditions, and the surrounding countryside had been given no funding at all.

New Brighthold

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