Quelas is the southernmost region of Talimer, a large peninsula bordering Felmoor to the northwest, Cragheart to the north, and New Brighthold to the northeast. The majority of the region is covered in dense jungle; the only parts not overrun by rainforest are the peaks of the mountain range running down its center.


Quelas is known to be home to some of the oldest civilizations in Talimer’s history, but these civilizations have long since fallen to ruin. All that remain standing are the largest and most sturdy structures, mostly temples and inner city walls, but even these have been overtaken by vegetation and wildlife. Very little is known of the civilization; the buildings predate the first elven establishments, and the elven establishments predate written history.

Thus, for as long as anyone in Talimer can remember, the elves have been the stewards of the southern forest. Their kingdom has gone by a number of names; the current name — Aza’quelas, which means “life of the forgotten wild” — was taken after the War. At that time, the name of the region itself was changed from Mylas (“emerald wild”) to Quelas (“forgotten wild”). These changes were on account of the widespread anti-elven sentiment held by citizens of New Brighthold and Highguard after the elves spoke out against Sunquest and its use of “unnatural magics”. Aza’quelas now has much less interaction with those eastern regions, though they maintain strong relations with the kingdoms of Silversummer and Cragheart.


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