The region of Silversummer takes up the northwestern portion of Talimer. It is bordered by Cragheart to the east, Dragon Desert to the northeast, Felmoor to the south and southwest, and the Breach to the northwest. The land is dominated by warm plains with low, rocky hills, but turns suddenly to tundra in the northwest, due to the Breach’s unnatural influence on climate. Also present are some wooded areas. However, these are not as dense as the woods of New Brighthold (much less the elven woods to the southeast), and they are especially sparce in the region’s western half, with no occurrence of living vegetation within roughly 50 miles of the


Before the War, Silversummer was known as Westguard, the twin human kingdom to Eastguard. However, arguably no region was more devastated by the War than Westguard. The kingdom’s capital resided in the southern part of the Great Crossing, so a large portion of its population resided in or near what is now the Breach. It is estimated that nearly 40% of the region’s population was killed during the opening of the portal and the initial invasion. The capital itself was swallowed by the land in the cataclysmic earthquakes caused by the portal; no part of the city — nor, for that matter, the land it stood on — remains. The most eager to join ranks in the defensive force were predominantly citizens of Westguard, who had seen family, friends, and homeland devoured by abyssal powers; thus, Westguard had a higher percentage of its population lost to military casualties than any other region, even when not taking into account those lost in the initial portal cataclysm. Much of Westguard’s agriculture collapsed on account of pillaging during the War, and severe climate change after the War, so the kingdom to this day has to rely greatly on imports to feed what population survived the conflict.

At the end of the War, Westguard decided to change its name because the aforementioned devastation of the kingdom left it “forever changed”, in the words of then king Geoffrey Hraagin. The change was also a sign of gratitude to the dwarven and elven kingdoms whom fought alongside them to defend the land; the “guard” part of Westguard and Eastguard originally referred to guarding against the kingdoms of other races, so moving away from a name with xenophobic origins seemed to be the least the kingdom could do. Eastguard, however, saw this as offensive and renamed their kingdom Highguard, claiming to be the “greater” or “true” human kingdom. Silversummer was chosen as the name because “despite the icy scars on both the land and the people, [the region is] moving into a brighter, warmer season.”


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